No Grass

After today, I can certainly argue for no grass–maybe that’s one of the reasons I like our Pearce, AZ place so much–no dang grass to mow or weed whack!  I literally spent the entire day mowing grass and weed whacking.  The grass down by the road along the worm fence was so thick the Cowboy mowed it with the sickle bar mower and tractor! Our riding mower would not have cut it.  I mowed the last little bit of lawn at Joe and Tammy’s at about 6pm after all the construction guys had left for the day–and took my second shower of the day–it’s dusty work!

Our temps have warmed and as a result we are having afternoon thunderstorms–so far very little rain but Monday we had small hail for just a minute or two.  And a double rainbow–


Tuesday we spent the day in Billings, I had an appointment with my nurse practitioner and we needed some things for our bathroom remodel project.  Emmi girl spent the day with Nat and Barb.

Our declutter project is ongoing–stuff has been heading down the road on a frequent basis!  What do you do with old books–books no one would want such as outdated travel books, nursing text books (really outdated!!), books you have no intention of reading again?  I have in the past donated books to our local library but most of the ones we have left I don’t think they would want.  Seems sad to throw them away.

The birds are eating me out of house and home–I fill the bird feeders including the hummingbird feeder at least once a day.  This afternoon while changing the sheets on our bed I saw a flash of yellow in the yard.  This little goldfinch was picking at something in the grass of the backyard–he made such a beautiful contrast in the bright green grass.

DSCN4620Everything is blooming–on of our apple trees which has never bloomed has a couple blossoms.  The chokecherry trees are in full blossom as are the strawberry plants.  It’s definitely spring in Montana!


12 thoughts on “No Grass

  1. We must really like to mow grass. 🙄 We spent several hours today mowing our woodlots. First time this spring and with all the rain we had you can only imagine how tall the grass was. Then we came home and mowed our lawn here. Duh…. Beautiful day to be working outside though….


  2. You two are very productive! Makes me alittle guilty, cuz we’re touring, playing with Reese, visiting friends and family, reading a book! Now that I think of it, I’m ok with it!! Lol! ! Keep up the good work


  3. At least the decluttering shouldn’t be a repeat job, but that mowing – don’t miss it at all! At least you have lovely views while you’re doing it. That finch is so bright!!


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