Chores and More Chores

Image may contain: 1 personAnd another photo of Brooks.

Friday was an errand day–we checked in with Nat and had lunch with him.  Barb, his caretaker/roomie, is gone for a few days and we wanted to make sure he was doing OK.  The Cowboy stopped by the lumber store to gather a few items he needs for the bathtub remodel project.  Town was busy–RVs parked along the street, restaurants and bars were full as was the grocery store–getting ready for the long weekend.

Friday evening I said, “let’s go take a drive.”  It was too chilly to take the CanAm so we took the jeep and just went up Elk Creek until we came to a tree across the road–probably a result of the snow storm we had.  The Cowboy spotted a bear off in distance and by propping my Nikon Coolpix on the edge of the window I was able to zoom in enough to see him–the photo isn’t great.

On the way back down the mountain, the Cowboy again spotted wildlife–a small herd of elk.  Again, the camera was zoomed in plus daylight was fading so the photo isn’t the greatest but it was good enough to see that this herd was all bulls.

Who needs the millions of people in Yellowstone Park when we can see wildlife just a few miles from our house!

Amazon and FedEx both insisted our CanAm roof would be delivered before 8pm Friday.  When we left to go for the drive it still hadn’t been delivered.  On our way home we stopped by Joe and Tammy’s house (our former home which sits much closer to the county road than our house) and there was the roof box sitting outside their garage door.  We must have another new FedEx driver–they have a very hard time finding our house!  The Cowboy installed the roof today and it looks great–we chose one made by Extreme Metal Products–it’s a plastic roof and fits very well. Plus it was about $150 less expensive than a CanAm roof.

Today we’ve both knocked some items off the “chore list.”  The Cowboy fixed some fence which borders our neighbors in anticipation of their turning the cow/calf pairs into that pasture soon.

Our home is built from cedar logs and a substance called PermaChink is used to fill the narrow gap between each log. I chinked this entire house both inside and out in about 2001–2002.  Chink will sometimes shrink over the years due to dryness, sun exposure, etc.   I might not have gotten enough into a certain spot and the chink will develop a gap, the dumb woodpeckers think the chink tastes good–those are all reasons to perform touch up every now and then. The chink comes in a five gallon bucket and we own several types of chink guns–I originally did this house with an air driven chink gun.  Today I just used the manual gun which looks like a huge caulk gun.  No more gaps or holes now in the chink.  Here’s a photo showing the chink between the logs–

So, a couple more chores gone from the list–the endless list!


10 thoughts on “Chores and More Chores

    1. We were pleased with ourselves that evening–seeing wildlife that close to home! The chinking of this whole house took me forever–kind of like your drywall job! :))


    1. That quilt is very special–it was made for us by our daughter-in-law who died three years ago. She used fabrics found in the stash which had belong to the Cowboy’s mother. I treasure that quilt!


  1. WOW…love your neighborhood! It’s always a great day when chores get checked off the list! Great job with the chinking! And I agree…the quilt is beautiful!


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