Beautiful Montana Day

It was warm enough for flip flops today–finally!  A gorgeous Montana spring day and we are loving it!.  This afternoon I was heading toward the screen door which leads out onto the deck when I spotted this strange critter standing on his back legs looking at me from outside the screen.  I slowly tried to pick up my camera but he scooted around the corner of the house.  I grabbed the camera and headed out the other door onto the deck and around the corner where Mr. Wood Chuck and I came face to face–I screamed and he departed in the opposite direction where he ran into Emmi who gave chase.  Dava arrived bringing me money!!–for quilting her quilts and Mr. Wood Chuck headed under my car with Emmi in chase.  We could hear him rattling around under the car and chattering at us–then Dava spotted him–they are nasty creatures and will destroy the wiring/hoses in a vehicle.

Stuff continues to leave our house and clutter up the home of someone else! 😉 The woodworking dust collector left yesterday and today a band saw.

Today was a baking day–we had guests this morning and I baked some more rhubarb cinnamon muffins.  I also baked two batches of oatmeal/chocolate chip/pecan cookies–I am going to bribe the construction crew at our former home to tell me how they applied the cool finish on the drywall.  And another batch for Nat who is going to celebrate his 95th birthday Wednesday.

I love heart shaped rocks and spotted this one beside the trail we use every single morning–first time I had noticed it.

One of our spruce trees has sprouted these tips–makes the tree look as if its decorated for Christmas!

See, I told you the blog might be boring after we were home in Montana–boring is my vote!


14 thoughts on “Beautiful Montana Day

  1. Not boring at all. Keep it coming. Wish I could decluter too. I start and then think “hmm this might come in handy some time or hmmm maybe if I lose weight I can wear it again” maybe someday I shall get up enough courage.
    We mow had 2 beautiful days. So different from before. Looks like we went from winter to summer. Hope it stays that way. Enjoy your nice weather too.


  2. I am one of your many readers who doesn’t find the blog boring. It has inspired me to do some cleaning and clearing out. Will soon have a nice garage sale. Mine are only four hours long once a year and priced to depart. That’s the first heart shaped rock I have ever seen…thanks for sharing it with us.


    1. Yep, price it to sell–that’s why we’ve been so successful over the last few days! We will have a garage sale in town on June 17–it’s a city wide thing and gets lots of traffic.


  3. That looks kind of like what we call a marmot up here north of the Medicine Line, we don’t have wood chucks in these parts as far as I know, but when we were riding the high country we used to run into these guys from time to time or hear them whistling a warning to each other. That rock looks like a plant, I bet the cowboy put it there for you, cowboys are sneaky like that.


    1. Same thing John–we just call them wood chucks–nasty critters and Emmi came close to catching the thing–if I hadn’t yelled at her I think she would have caught him. I’m not sure the Cowboy would know how to be that romantic! :)))


  4. That woodchuck is so cute peeking out there from the tire:) I would have loved seeing the two of you meet each other sneaking around the house…haha! That spruce tree is so pretty. Glad you shared a photo:) This was not boring! I enjoy seeing all the nature around your place.


  5. Getting caught up now that we’re back in the land of Internet – you’ve really had some weather swings in a few days!! Brooks is such a cutie. But the crab and steak was a pretty good draw too 🙂 Beautiful eagle!! Good thing you had the generator and solar panels for your powerless adventure. I loved decluttering, it was the most liberating feeling as more and more “stuff” left our property.


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