We’ve been saying for years, “we need to get rid of some stuff!”–well the decluttering process has begun!  Saturday morning we took photos of several pieces of equipment placing ads on Craigslist.  Two of the items I also listed on our local Facebook online garage sale site.  By late afternoon on Sunday the flatbed for a truck, a roller you fill with water and pull over fields to squish rocks (how’s that for a technical description!), a hay grapple, and two large down riggers for a boat (how we came to own those is a story for another day! ;)) were all gone down the road.  We also have a commitments to buy for a couple other items too.  We were on a roll!

In our basement were boxes and boxes of old records–bank statements, tax returns, medical records–some dating back to before my time with the Cowboy and we’ve been married almost 22 years!  So, Saturday we sat down and started going through those boxes and finished the task on Sunday afternoon.  We ended up with less than a handful of papers and sent lots of stuff to the burn pile!  We are really on a roll!

Saturday evening we took a break from making our life simpler–Lonn called with a dinner invitation–who could resist an invite for crab and steaks!!  And we would get to see Brooks!  We had a great evening with our family and Brooks is starting to warm up to both of us–

As we were traveling to Lonn’s last night the Cowboy spotted an eagle and made a u-turn so I could photograph him.  I never, ever tire of seeing the eagles!

Emmi is saying, “what took you guys so long to buy me a new CanAm??”  She jumped right in and hopped up on her perch in the middle when the Cowboy took a load of papers to the burn pile–right at home.  We are loving the new machine–quieter, much quieter than our 2013 one.

Life is good!

6 thoughts on “Decluttering

  1. It always so good to lighten the load. It is amazing how many unnecessary things we all hang on to. What a fantastic bald eagle photo!! Wow! Thanks for sharing:) Nice treat to have dinner with that adorable little guy, Brooks:) Glad Emmi gave her approval to the new toy.


    1. We don’t miss the massive amounts of stuff we have in this house when we are traveling in the motorhome–that should tell us something! That eagle photo just might be my best photo ever!


  2. I loved the Eagle pics! Brooks is adorable!
    All that decluttering made me think of all the things I have accumulated living in the same house for almost 30 years.
    I don’t think I could do it alone so I’m afraid to start. Energy from my liver disease keeps me tired.
    Doesn’t it feel good to get rid of all that stuff?
    Great job! You two work so hard.


    1. We’ve lived in this house almost 16 years, we have a huge garage and other outbuildings, Mike is a rancher and they accumulate “things” plus we had an excavating business for many years–it adds up. It did feel great to get rid of all those boxes!


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