A Rarity

Sunday evening we headed over the hills to Lonn’s house for a visit–first time since we arrived home just over a week ago.  Our great grandchild, Brooks was a very chubby baby when we left, he’s now one year old and trying really hard to be a toddler.  He rides his toy pony and his motorcycle–looks at those blue eyes!  It was strange to not have Laci and Lora Elizabeth there–they were missed!

We had a great meal–brisket, smashed potatoes, salad and two kinds of pie–a lemon meringue and a chocolate–should have skipped the meal and gone straight to dessert!

Moose sightings are rare in our neck of the woods–the Cowboy said he saw a moose in the hay field a long time ago, I saw a moose and baby one summer morning several miles south of our home when Nat and I had gone to drive some cows home–but not common at all.  Last evening coming home from Lonn’s I spotted a moose laying in our neighbor’s hay field and shouted at the Cowboy to stop–he had no idea why but he followed orders!

One of my favorite animals to see!

Sunday morning was beautiful but the day deteriorated and we even had a few sprinkles of rain.  Today we’ve had even more rain–the forecasters are issuing dire weather warning for Wednesday and Thursday–rain and snow.  Time will tell their accuracy rate!

I’m finally getting caught up–the house is clean, the windows are washed and some weeds are sprayed.  I might even get started on a quilting project–fun!

Let’s talk about that sentence above, “Nat and I had gone to drive some cows home.”  Our cows were docile and would almost follow us anywhere for “cake”–pellets of alfalfa/grain/molasses.  We leased USFS ground for summer pasture and when the weather would start to change in the fall some of our cows would decide not to wait for us to herd them home.  The cows/calves would just wander down off the mountain onto the county road.  The phone would ring and a neighbor would say, “your cows are heading home!” 🙂  At that time the Cowboy was still in the business of excavating for folks and was working most days.  So, Nat came up to help me–I drove our Kawasaki mule loaded with a sack of “cake” and Nat drove his truck.  I got out in front of the small bunch of cows/calves and Nat was behind.  I would stop occasionally and give them all some “cake” and the critters followed me all the way back to the ranch–about five miles.  On more than one occasion that “spoiling” the cows with “cake” paid off!


8 thoughts on “A Rarity

  1. Brooks is so cute in his little car. I’m sure you had a wonderful time with him. Yes, you should have just skipped the meal and had pie. They were beautiful pies!! We have that same nasty weather coming tomorrow. They are expecting 8.5 inches of snow on Mt. Bachelor! The ski area is staying opening until the end May and then opening for the July 4 weekend. Crazy!! They have so much snow that they could probably stay open right into next season if they had insurance. Love that story of you and Nat leading the cows home. I would have loved seeing that!


    1. I think staying in AZ until early May has given me a better attitude about our “spring” weather this year. It always snows in May and even into June some years.


      1. Boring! How in the world can growing babies, sighting moose, driving cows home, and impending Spring storm be boring??!!
        ~ Linda K.


  2. Brooks has gotten so big! Wish they wouldn’t do that 🙂 Love the Nat story, a wonderful day in the country. Hunker down for that storm, hopefully it won’t be a nasty one!


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