Disposable Goods

Do I sound old when I say, “nothing lasts for very long any more!”  Well, so be it, I guess I will just sound old because nothing lasts!  In our former home down the hill is a refrigerator I purchased in another life probably somewhere between 1988 and 1990–that refrigerator is still going strong.  Joe and Tammy are remodeling and plan to purchase new appliances–they might want to keep that old refrigerator!  The refrigerator we originally purchased for this house lasted less than 10 years as did the dishwasher–see nothing lasts!

My Toshiba laptop at just shy of six years old is probably dying.  In defense of Toshiba, it has lasted way longer than any Dell we ever owned but dang it–shouldn’t a computer last longer than six years??  The laptop won’t start up on occasion or it won’t shut down.  I’m a big believer in external hard drives and back up my computer–not as regularly as I should but I do back up.  I sat down yesterday morning and backed up the blog/photos/documents–anything I didn’t want to lose when this thing really dies.

We’ve just been working away around here–in case you all think we work 24/7–we don’t.  We stop, put our feet up, examine the backs of our eyelids, talk and enjoy spring in Montana.  Our weather has changed and is to change even more drastically next week as in that dreaded four letter word–snow!  Yesterday we reached 80 degrees, today we ran the heat and the wind outside felt as if it was coming off a snow bank!

I actually quilted for a customer yesterday–our friend and neighbor Dava makes quilts for son’s friends graduating from high school and she waits for me to return to Montana to quilt those quilts.  Once she has gifted the quilts–she is bringing me one more–I will post some photos.

Another friend and neighbor, George, had a total knee replacement this week and came home yesterday afternoon.  My rhubarb is out of control so I picked a batch and used a new to me Facebook recipe for cinnamon-rhubarb muffins.  I took George and Shirley several and  had a nice long visit.   I’m glad several of the muffins left our house as they are very, very good!

On our morning walk we startled this grouse and later I saw him just outside the kitchen windows–goofy looking chickens!

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen this afternoon baking pies–lemon meringue and a Pioneer Woman chocolate pie which her cowboy loves and so does mine!

Spring in Montana–green, green!

22 thoughts on “Disposable Goods

  1. You love to cook and bake, don’t you?? We don’t know how long the appliances have been in this house so replacement might be in the future and I will have a memorial service for each one. None are fancy but they are workhorses. I’m past the time in my life when I have to have “State of the Art” appliances. Give me knobs instead of buttons and I’m a happy camper 🙂


    1. Yes I do love to cook and bake Bev–I love to have people say, “oh, that’s so good!” I didn’t do much cooking or baking living in the motorhome this winter season so I am catching up! We put used appliances in the North Ranch house–if they are going to die within a few years why not do used!


  2. Dern! My Toshiba died after only one year because the power mat under the lit keys gets too hot and expands and contracts, activating the on/off mechanism. Mostly it was off. Looked at reviews and found that this is a common problem and no response, only crickets, from Toshiba. It was so beautiful–a red fading to black case and red backlit keys and 17 inches. So, it was back to Dell for me. Never had a problem with Dell desktops or laptops. Maybe it’s more the luck of the draw?


    1. Yep, I think you are right–it’s the luck of the draw. Our Dells seemed to last about 2 years but then they were also much less expensive than this Toshiba. Today it came on as if nothing was wrong!


  3. Love the pies! You inspire me to be a better cook and baker. Thanks.
    We have an old refrigerator in the garage that has worked for 40 + years. It was replaced in the house 20 years ago and we have replaced the one in the house twice since. But old Betsy in the garage just keeps on working.


    1. I love to bake but was never much of a pie baker until we had the lemon tree in North Ranch–now I love to bake pies–seldom do my own crust, these were frozen store bought ones. If our friends get rid of that refrigerator I want it back, it’s lasted so long!


  4. Our rhubarb is great too. I usually make jam with it. “Heavenly Jam” made with rhubarb, canned crushed pineapple and strawberry Jello and of course tons of sugar. I would love to eat a piece of that chocolate pie just about now.
    Our fridge is 41 years old and I hate the thought of losing it. The new ones have different dimensions which would entail remodeling of the cupboards Grrrr. As for computers….I love buying a new one. Right now I am wishing for a new iPad but mine is only a little over 3 years old, so I really should wait a little longer. (I think) (maybe) or not.


    1. I have your “Heavenly Jam” recipe Vera! I made it one time but we eat so little jam/jelly around here I just don’t make jams any more–sometimes chokecherry but not often. So–we will just continue to make crisps, muffins–and I also have a another untried recipe for a cake! Maybe with all the work we do we won’t get too fat??? :)))


  5. Your weather sounds like ours here in Bend. We arrived to temps in the low 80’s…just beautiful. Since then it has snowed twice!!! But it is green:)

    Your pies are beautiful. I made my first and ONLY lemon meringue while we had all the fresh lemons while in Tucson. Boy was that a lot of work!


  6. My Gibson side by side refrigerator was one of the first appliances my late husband and I purchased in 1982. It just died last year.
    You’re right, we’re living in a disposable world.
    Your pies were beautiful and looked delicious. I love chocolate meringue but never find it anymore. My Granny used to bake them so many years ago.
    I love to bake too. Pumpkin, Pecan and Pumpkin Walnut Bread.
    Montana is beautiful. Love the pics.
    Happy belated Mother’s Day!


  7. Yes appliance don’t last now a days. Our first washer last 24 years. All the way from newlyweds to high school kids. Then 3 washers after that 7 years or less. Last month I bought a commerical Speed Queen. Hopefully it will see me where I won’t care if my clothes are cleaned. It’s billed to last 25 years. I’ll keep you posted! LOL


  8. It is sad that “just throw it out” has become our consumer motto over the years. Bill’s Dell is going on 8 years so our fingers are crossed it continues for a few more 🙂 I do wish I could get my cooking mojo back, been months since I felt like it. Your pies look amazing.


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