Our Wheels Have Stopped Rolling

Finally we are in “still” mode and although I about worked myself to death today at least we weren’t in a vehicle driving down the road!  We left Casper, WY about 7:30am Wednesday morning after an interesting night.  After the trailer fiasco we decided to spend the night in Casper–it was after 8pm when we finally stopped driving and checked into the brand new Marriott Residence Inn for free!–using points I earn when traveling.  It’s a pet friendly hotel and Ms. Emmi was welcome.

Gorgeous room, spacious with a kitchen, very luxurious bed–I unpacked us and took Emmi for walk.  We ordered a pizza delivered and it was fabulous–from a little local place right across the street from the hotel.  I kept smelling an offensive odor–I would glare at the Cowboy, then glare at Emmi but neither claimed responsibility! 🙂 The odor kept getting worse–the hotel was almost full that night and as a result they had put us in a handicap accessible room–and for some reason there was a drain in the bathroom floor.  The offensive odor was a sewer smell coming from that drain.  I tried placing a plastic bag and towel over the drain but it didn’t help.

It was after 10pm when we moved to another non-smelly room and finally relaxed a bit.  Whew–what a day!

In Billings we stopped at Costco to replenish our pantry–we have a Costco Citibank credit card which we use for almost anything we purchase.  We pay the balance in full each month.  The card awards us cash back–4% on gas anywhere in the world, 3% at restaurants and for travel, 2% on Costco purchases and 1% on all other purchases. Each February in our statement we receive a check for our cash award.  Our Costco bill is usually quite hefty when we come home in the spring–we buy a supply of various meats and stock up on lots of other things–that award check always comes in handy!

It’s been a busy day around here–cleaning, window washing, weed spraying, laundry, a little bit of quilt work, dirt moving, grass mowing–yes, it’s spring in Montana and we are busy!

But it’s so gorgeous right now– The Crazy Mountains from Nat’s house–we stopped by there yesterday and had a nice, long visit. And our mountains from the Boulder Road.



14 thoughts on “Our Wheels Have Stopped Rolling

  1. I could so live in Montana. We have only visited once several years ago, but it was love at first sight! Beautiful view Janna!


  2. He gave me Montana. The only joy greater than the Arizona Desert or Montana… is to know either, through the ears of a Horse.


  3. The bad smell from the drain was indeed from the sewer. Those drains are rarely used and thus the trap dries out and allows the gases into the room. All you have to do is pour about a gallon of water into the drain and the trap will fill and the odor is gone! Next time you will know.


  4. Sorry to read about the trailer. I didn’t realize I had missed a post. You certainly deserve a little down (on the butt) time!! The snow covered mountains are so beautiful. We have lots of those here in the Bend area. As matter of fact, more snow was added to the Sisters today! Relax a little. The work will all be there tomorrow:)


  5. The wheels may be still, but it sounds like you’re still going a million miles an hour! Such a beautiful area, we’re hoping to get back up there the end of August.


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