Pack, Unpack, Pack

Some days are better than others!  We left home this morning, truck packed with the intention of staying in our new to us Roadmaster toy hauler trailer tonight.  Instead we are almost back to Casper, Wyoming at 8pm spending the night in the Residence Inn.  Twenty four feet long said the ad, everything works said the ad, great shape said the ad–NOT to all!!  It was thirty feet long with 27 feet of floor space!  The generator had not been run in over two years and there was still gas in the fuel tank from two years ago. The owner’s father was there and advised us not to start the generator until we drained the gas and started over with new gas–a fact the Cowboy knew!  It had no batteries.  It was absolutely filthy!  We talked to this guy on the phone several times asking questions but believe us, the first question we ask next time will be–when is the last time you ran your generator! 

It’s OK, nobody died, we just took a long road trip and thus this is a short blog–life is still good!

6 thoughts on “Pack, Unpack, Pack

  1. How annoying to have happened upon a “fanciful” ad!! But think of it this way – you got to spend quality time with your Cowboy and there was no dust, wind, hammering, taping, or snakes involved!!
    ~ Linda K.


    1. Now that’s a great attitude Linda–as I said, nobody died, all is well, we were only out the fuel money–I got our gorgeous room in a new hotel last night with Marriott points!


  2. My husband always looks at ads for used stuff and the same thing happens to him too. People do like to embellish the qualities of their stuff. But like Linda K. said, you had a nice drive.


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