It’s Good To Be Up The Boulder

When the temps cooled Friday evening, off went the noisy air conditioner and up went the windows–what’s that noise????  The freeway noise was so loud–what’s up with that??–this RV park has always been so quiet!  At bedtime it was obvious we weren’t sleeping with the windows open and so we listened to the noisy air conditioner.  We both came to the realization–we’ve never stayed in this park when it was warm enough to open windows or have an air conditioner running!!  It’s always been coat weather in late April or early May.

So–next time we stay in Dillon it will be at an abandoned weigh station just outside town on a secondary road–for free instead of listening to freeway noise for $39/night!  But who knows, next time we stay in Dillon it may be so chilly we need hookups so we can run electric heaters!

Saturday morning we had the wheels rolling at about 7:30 with only 170 miles to go with a stop in Big Timber to see Nat.  Emmi was overjoyed to see him as were we.  Although Nat’s vision has dramatically failed this winter he is still navigating well.  We arrived to find him sitting on a stool pulling weeds in his front yard.

After a nice long visit we headed up the Boulder.  Grass is green and many of the trees are leafing out–a very good time to come home.  Plus our temps were in the low 80’s–not bad!  Our yard needs mowing, the weeds need spraying, yard debris needs cleaning–this time of year the list is endless isn’t it!

The Cowboy began getting the house ready for occupancy again–uh,oh!!!  We seldom have issues when we return home from an extended time away but this year–we had issues as in plumbing issues–not the Cowboy’s favorite! So while I began unloading the motorhome, the Cowboy started fixing the plumbing problems.  It always amazes me how many actual “parts” the Cowboy keeps on hand–Larry teases him about “the Clark hardware store”–well, I truly think we could start a hardware store!

By Saturday evening the motorhome was a long way toward empty and the plumbing was fixed as much as it could be without a trip to the real hardware store.  We were both beat!

Sunday we took a nice long walk after a breakfast of pancakes and bacon and began doing more of the same.  The washer and dryer have been going non-stop.  Rain was in our afternoon forecast so I had the Cowboy get the lawnmower going and I mowed plus weed whacked around the house before the rain came.  The inside of the motorhome is now empty–always a good feeling!  There are still a few “piles” of stuff which need to be put away but at least its all inside the house.

Our neighbors Joe and Tammy who purchased a large portion of our ranch and our former home are in the process of a huge remodel of that house.  They use this property as a second home living in Colorado most of the time.  WOW!  It’s going to be beautiful when finished–they are raising the ceilings, adding windows, new covered deck and my favorite–a rock patio with fire pit.

12 thoughts on “It’s Good To Be Up The Boulder

  1. I stayed in that weigh station last February while I was escaping the frozen north. There are few things I hate more than plumbing problems. Enjoy the spring weather…..again!


  2. 🙂 I will warn you and it didn’t happen every time we stayed at the abandoned weigh scale station that a semi with reefer will pull in. They never stayed long. We did enjoy the panoramic view, having seen deer and pheasants in the area.


  3. Glad you made it home safely! Sorry to hear about the plumbing issue. You two certainly didn’t need to repair anything else. Hope you get everything settled and can relax a little.


  4. Glad you made it back to Montana safely. Sorry to hear about the plumbing issues. Not Tom’s favorite line of work either. We came home to a $400.00 water bill, apparently due to a leaky downstairs toilet running. We shut water off upstairs, but can’t downstairs because of rental property. I paid the bill, while gritting my teeth and thinking “the toilet COULD have been running over the top and then we would have had much more serious problems. “. 😖😖. Take care. Enjoy your summer.


  5. From the sounds of it ain’t nothing going to slow Nat down!
    Gorgeous picture of the bird! What kind is it?
    ~ Linda


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