Heading North

We often say to each other–the thing we miss the most about North Ranch is the people–our friends.  And that’s the truth!  It was so good to see Geri and Larry yesterday–we spent time Tuesday afternoon catching up and Geri had fixed a wonderful supper for us.  Most everyone else from the ATV group has departed for cooler country as is the Restoration gang–it’s too hot!

The Restoration portion of this blog is taking a much needed break.  The blog will become a journal of sorts again complete with photos, travels, cooking, quilting and puttering.  We will resume the Restorations in the fall when we travel back to Arizona.

When we stopped for a Cowboy stretch break in Gila Bend yesterday it was 94 degrees.  The Cowboy absolutely hates to travel in that kind of heat–rough on tires!  We ran the big generator and two air conditioners all the way to North Ranch.  We don’t know how people work outside in this kind of heat–thankfully we don’t have to!  The busy highway which runs past North Ranch is under construction–

How do those flaggers stand there on the black asphalt in this heat??  Poor guys!

After Geri’s dinner last night we all decided to take a stroll after the temps had cooled.  The North Ranch cactus are in full bloom–

This morning the Cowboy was off to the DMV, Geri went to exercise, Larry, Emmi and I took a walk discussing and solving all the world’s problems along the way!  We’ve spent the afternoon being bums–well deserved!  We are meeting up with other friends at Larry and Geri’s for happy hour tonight.

Thursday morning early, early (to beat some of the heat) we are pointing this bus north to cooler temps–probably a snow shower or two before it’s really warm in Montana but that’s OK–to us it’s better than these temps!

Look at the size of that agave stalk–Larry and Geri have been watching it’s rapid growth.

Yes, we miss our friends the most–we enjoyed seeing Mike and Pat along with Jim and Ellie tonight.  We wish you all safe and fun travels this summer!

If the blog is missing in action over the next day or so it just means we are not in cell service range.

8 thoughts on “Heading North

  1. That is one huge Agave bloom! Make sure Geri send you a photo when it flowers. I’d love to see it:) All the blooming cacti are so pretty. Looks like a perfect stop to catch up with friends in North Ranch. Safe travels the rest of the way home.


  2. 86* here in Lake Chelan….I think when you hit home Spring will finally have arrived…Again, safe travels…


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