I’ve Made A Mistake

Friday we woke to sunny skies and very little wind.  With 40mph gusts in the forecast we knew working fast would be in our best interest!  Both of us were on the roof by 6am and by 8am we had all the tar paper and rolled roofing stapled and nailed down against the wind.  The Cowboy had in weeks past coated one side of the guest house roof with Henry’s TropiCool and while he began cutting all the little pieces of roofing material to cover the parapets, I started rolling the Henry’s onto the other side of the guest house roof nearest the new garage roof.

One summer in Montana the Cowboy was insanely busy with our excavating business and it was also haying season. When we married I learned to drive the swather which cuts the hay but had never learned to drive the tractor and baler.  That summer he was so busy I made him teach me to bale hay.  Well–on one of those 95 degree Montana days in a tractor with no air conditioning with hay dust blowing all over me–I knew I had made a mistake.

Yesterday on the end of that paint roller I knew I had made a grave mistake in telling the Cowboy I thought I could get on the roof if he lifted me in the backhoe bucket.  I should have just gone my merry way telling him I was too afraid to get on the roof! 😉

The wind begin to blow with a vengeance and we still persevered!  We stopped for a quick mid morning breakfast and were quickly back to work.  The wind howled and we still persevered!  We sometimes felt as if we had to plant our feet against the wind.  The Cowboy was wearing his black felt hat as there was no way a straw hat was going to stay on his head. The wind tried to snatch the hat–the Cowboy was quicker and handed me his hat to hold. Well, the wind had the last laugh–about the time my hand touched the hat a mighty gust of wind grabbed that black hat, dipped its brim right down into that bucket of sticky white roof coating and sent it flying off the edge of the roof.  Uh-oh!

Here’s what we both looked like at 3pm when we finally staggered down off the roof–

Wonder if I could get somebody to pay me a lot of money for those splattered jeans??  We were beyond exhausted, barely able to put one foot in front of the other but the roof was mostly finished.  We probably have a couple more hours work to do–touching up the roof coating and the caulking but the most of the work is done!

The wind has been relentless–last night we had 50mph gusts–this motorhome was rocking and rolling making me feel nauseous again!  Today, the wind was once again relentless–blowing not quite as hard as on Friday but still blowing.  As I type this blog the wind is still blowing!



16 thoughts on “I’ve Made A Mistake

  1. All my favourites hats have some character added, hole here, a stain there, but I don’t have any with paint on them yet.


    1. The Cowboy wasn’t too happy about the paint but at least it was a cheap black hat he bought when we were still participating in a shooting sport. If it had been one of his custom made ones I might have been in trouble!


  2. It’s amazing what you guys do!! I cannot imagine being in your shoes. When you get back to Montana I hope you can take it a lot easier. It is soo interesting to read your Blog and I’m glad you still have energy to write it after a hard day at work. Pants and shoes look like they are from a specialty shop, very expensive!! 😜 Don’t lose them!


  3. Sorry for the loss of the Cowboy’s hat. Yes, I think some city slickers would buy those jeans. They’re buying them barely there these days.
    Glad you got so much accomplished on the roof and in the wind.
    The wind blew hot today in Euless, TX , then the temperature dropped dramatically. There was a devastating tornado in Canton, TX. In Amarillo it snowed in the strong winds blowing it sideways. Crazy weather!


  4. i’m sure you could get big bucks for those jeans!! We have had a lot of wind here in Moab and cool temps and clouds to go with it which makes it down right cold. Hope you got the rest of the roof done without any more hat mishaps. Be careful up there!


  5. Ahhh, the “rewards” of volunteering to help :-)))) At least it’s almost done now, and you have designer duds as a bonus, very chic! It will be wonderful next year when you can cook and sleep in the house during the windy season, you’ll look back at this and wonder how you ever did it.


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