Getting Ready

We are making plans for departure–time to head north–between the heat and the snakes, it’s time!  The wind has been relentless and our well driller Brian tells us April is the windiest month in this valley.  We have to finish the roof on the garage before leaving.  Finishing the roof is such a priority I even volunteered to help and danged if the Cowboy didn’t take me up on my offer Wednesday morning!  Unfortunately the wind only cooperated for less than a hour.

I have a healthy fear of heights but as long as I stay back from the edge I do OK.  My problem is I can’t take that last step from ladder to roof–just can’t do it.  So, the Cowboy came up with a solution–he hoisted me up in the backhoe loader bucket–he really wanted my help! 🙂

With the wind howling we’ve finished other projects–the Cowboy finished fine tuning our plumbing system from well to guest house.  He has started storing supplies inside our new garage–

Today we finished hanging the drywall in the living/dining room of the guest house–

This evening late after we had been to dinner at the local bar the Cowboy finished a project he started this morning and kind of forgot about–rodent control!

The dang varmits keep trying to dig under the foundation of the house at this spot and have been successful in the past.  So, a few concrete blocks and some ready mix concrete and hopefully they won’t find it so easy!

The wind, dust and smoke is creating some outrageously beautiful sunsets each evening–

That’s our houses, motor home and trailer as you look east–you can see the layer of dust hanging in the mountain foothills.

And one for my brother Ross–looking north toward the power plant.

18 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Snakes! My sweet husband will say, “It’s only a grass snake.” Really! To me a snake is a snake and I don’t like any of them. Here in the Panhandle of Texas we understand wind and blowing dirt. Almost impossible to enjoy March and April some years. So for this one hasn’t been so bad.

    Safe travels.


    1. Carolyn
      Can you believe the forecast for SNOW tomorrow??!!! Only in the Panhandles!
      Don in Okla. (Panhandle)


  2. A very “super hero” pic on the roof – appropriate I think! You guys have gotten so much done already, I’m sure you’ll appreciate being in a finished home for a few months. I hope you’ll continue to blog once you’re back up the Boulder……


  3. Yes, we still have snow in the forecast up north..But….”They” are saying temps up to the 70’s next week…
    Safe travels,


  4. I agree 100% with Nat plan to stay busy. Recliners and remote controls are death traps. The wind is about to blow us off the map this morning. No snow, but icy wind is almost as bad. We are rapidly approaching Storm Season and I could do without all that drama. Have a safe trip back to Montana. You know we will all be keeping track of your travels.


    1. The Cowboy’s father helped us build our house in Montana–he was 79 years old when we started it. Nat would come to the house every day while Mike was off working–we owned an excavating business–Nat and I would work on the house all day. Nat always said it was because I fed so good! 🙂 At 85 years of age he was still running his portable sawmill much to my dismay. He tells us 95 is no picnic and that he has lived too long.


      1. Nat and my Granddad were cut from the same cloth, Grandpa was still traveling into his 90’s, living on the farm alone, and actually drove the Dempster Highway to Inuvik when he was 94 but I remember him telling me at 95 that getting old wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. He had outlived all his friends and a lot of his friends kids. He held on till he 98 living alone on his farm till just a few months before he headed on to his next adventure.


      2. John–Nat has told me that several times–“I’ve lived too long.” He at least still has him mind–unfortunately over this past winter his vision has deteriorated to the point he is almost blind.


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