Our First Accident

Waiting at Safeway for a tetanus injection.

I went to Benson for groceries today leaving the Cowboy home alone.  Just as I was driving through Sunsites my phone rang–the Cowboy’s voice wasn’t right, he asked where I was and said he would talk to me when I was home.  I arrived to find a nauseous husband sitting in a chair–seems he was using the heavy duty, huge air nailer when it double fired.  One nail into the board, the other nail into the Cowboy’s left index finger.  It only penetrated the fatty tissue and did not hit bone.  He gritted his teeth and jerked the nail from his finger.  I may be a nurse but just the thought of doing that made ME nauseous!!

When texting with Geri about a totally different issue she texted, “when was his last tetanus shot??”  Well–I checked with both his physicians in Montana and it’s been a while–a long while.  The Sunsites medical clinic is closed on Friday afternoon.  The Cowboy said, “I got a shingles vaccine at Safeway, do you think they give tetanus injections??”  Well–they do and they filed our insurance!!  Since I couldn’t remember the last time I had a tetanus, I also received an injection–we should be good for a while and we can thank goodness it was only a minor accident!  Dairy Queen ice cream helped the Cowboy’s finger feel better–now what’s my excuse?? 🙂

And, we had a surprise while in the Willcox Safeway–we were walking away from the pharmacy when someone said, “Janna??”  I turned and I know my face must have said, “yes I am Janna but who are you???”  It was Jan and Ken–Jan, in the past wrote a blog–Idaho RV.  They are the people who suggested we outfit Emmi with the Good Life No Bark Collar.  They were staying in Willcox for the night on their way to Silver City to ride ATVs.  It was a short but pleasant conversation–safe travels guys!

OK–now for project progress–yesterday the Cowboy was on the roof early laying OSB getting as many sheets up there as he could before he had to stop and build the last section of roof frame work.

Just before the sun went down Thursday night we were using the backhoe to lift and set the last piece of fascia.  I truly do not know how we could have built this garage without that backhoe!  Today before we left to go get the tetanus injections we used the backhoe to lift and set the last wall of the garage–the wall which will hold the garage door.

Now there are lots of smaller sections to complete but the heavy work is finished.  We just may have a garage before we depart for cooler country.  It’s warm in Arizona–86 degrees today.

On my way to Benson today I stopped to photograph the pecan groves in full leaf–

And last but not least, Kim–one of our readers left this comment, “You should download the “Merlin Bird ID” app for your phone so you can ID the birds when you spot them. It’s a free app.”  Well, I went straight to the iPhone and did just that! What a totally cool app–you can enter details about the bird and the app will present you with possible matches or you can use a photo you’ve taken.  My bird photo from the Wednesday night post is probably a western meadowlark.

20 thoughts on “Our First Accident

  1. It was pretty simple back in the old days, I just asked Judy, from Travels with Emma, what kind of bird I had stumbled on.


  2. Oik, watch out for those automatic firing weapons Mike. Glad you are o.k. Be careful, it looks like you are making good progress!


  3. Oh my goodness that sounds like it hurt!!!!! And tetanus shots hurt, too! Glad your first, and hopefully last, accident was minor!!!! Love the blog!


  4. Ouch!! I guess you need to stay home when Michael is using that heavy duty nail gun:) Definitely a good idea for both of you to get tetanus shots with the type work you are both doing. Glad Michael is all right! Dairy Queen makes everything better:)


    1. I was so glad it was only a flesh wound or we might have spent some time in the ER yesterday! The Dairy Queen guy told me to tell Mike to just stick his finger in the ice cream–everything would be better then! :)))))


  5. Ouch! Happy to hear Mike is o.k. Good photo of him. Would look good on a canvas print. You two are such an inspiration. Carry on as long as you can!!


  6. I agree with that being a good photo of Mike where he may be thinking, ‘Well Dammit anyway’ or ‘when we get home I’m going to have some serious words with that nail gun’. That nail gun may have nailed Mike’s finger but in turn did Mike give the nail gun……the finger!!!!


  7. I have a love/hate relationship with nail guns. They make building a lot easier and faster, but they are DANGEROUS. Glad it was only a flesh wound. You guys have accomplished so much in a just a short time.


    1. Jerry–the Cowboy was reading back through the Restoration blog last night and saying the same thing–we have accomplished a lot! I use the air stapler but that big nailer scares me! It’s not his first run in with a nail gun, probably won’t be his last!


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