And The Project Continues

But it’s not all work–Emmi and I take a walk every morning, the Cowboy prefers to start working early to beat the heat–I think he was out there by 6:30am this morning!  I think this is a ladder back woodpecker–feel free to correct me!

The Cowboy has been going strong–today he created this beam and built the wall to hold one end of it.  Most people would purchase a pre-made beam but not the frugal guy I married.  The dang thing weighs probably 150 pounds and we lifted it into place with the backhoe.  When the Cowboy purchased our lawn tractor at an estate sale, he also purchased several sets of heavy duty metal shelving.  Late Tuesday afternoon he said, “do you think you could put some of those shelves together??”  Well, danged if I didn’t manage to get two sets erected, the first set was a breeze, the second one caused me to cuss!  Must have used all the good bolts on the first one!

While I was playing with nuts and bolts the Cowboy was on the roof installing the OSB sheeting–we now have lots of shade!

When we bought the lawn tractor we repaired three sides of the little shed so the tractor would have a home–for some reason we never got around to repairing that last side–this afternoon when it was shaded we removed the siding, cut it to fit better and screwed it back in place.  Now we are fairly certain the pack rats and mice can’t use it for a home this summer!

This guy sort of looks like our meadowlark????

So, we continue to plow ahead with long days–we lunch, take a little siesta and then we are back at it again.


6 thoughts on “And The Project Continues

  1. You should download the “Merlin Bird ID” app for your phone so you can ID the birds you when you spot them. It’s a free app.


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