Big Steps Every Day

Every Monday a quilting group gathers in the Sunsites Community Center and today was the second day I’ve gone. Everyone brings some type of sewing project whether it be sewing machines and projects or hand work.  The group creates charity quilts a few times a year and donates these quilts to various groups–shelters, the local fire department and police stations, etc.  Last week and today we worked on those charity quilts using a strip piecing method–it’s fun and it’s also sort of tedious but you can make a quilt in no time!  We are using donated fabric, the strips are sewn together with no thought to matching colors or patterns–just sew.  I find it amazing how colorful the quilts are when finished.

Mine and Gayle’s finished quilt tops.

While I was gone the Cowboy was busy creating on his own–he built and set the other section of the long garage wall.

Coming right along it is!!  He also put up several more rafters.  Soon he can lay roof decking and create some shade in the garage for working because that sun is cooking!!  The other end of the structure will have the garage door.  The opening you see in the above photo will be a door next season–when we leave we will sheet that opening over with plywood and paint it with the Henry’s Roof Coating stuff.

Easter Sunday we attended breakfast at the Sunsites Community Church, came home (you can see the church from our house) then went back for the church service which we both enjoyed very much!  In the afternoon we drove to Sierra Vista via the long way through Bisbee to get more supplies at Home Depot.  Dairy Queen and Culvers were both closed–we thought about stopping at Jim and Linda’s in Tombstone on the way home for ice cream–we know their freezer is always stocked! 😉

Late this afternoon this ultra-light provided our entertainment.  He landed on a road near us then took off again–

Can you still see him?  He appeared to be so close to those rugged mountain rocks–made me queasy watching him!

16 thoughts on “Big Steps Every Day

  1. Shade is a wonder here in the west without humidity. I am still amazed how quickly it cools when the sun is blocked. Getting that roof on will be wonderful!! Great work! I think I asked this before but forgot to check for an answer…is your plan to make the guest house livable for you three while you renovate the main house?

    The quilts are beautiful! How interesting that the colors work perfectly without matching:)


    1. Yes Pam, we plan on living in the guest house next season–the guest house was in much better condition than the main house–we considered a huge dumpster and a bulldozer for remodeling of the main house! :))

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  2. Love the quilts – so colorful, and big!! That garage is going to be wonderful for additional insulation on that side of the house, and of course storing the toys, AKA equipment. Sounds like you’re already part of the community there 🙂


    1. All the quilting groups I’ve belonged to over the years have done some sort of charity work. It’s always good to hear from the recipient groups–they tell us people who receive a quilt are just astounded someone would do this for them.


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