We Are Moving Right Along

WOW–we’ve been moving!  Friday we started building the garage–last night when we quit at about 6pm, we had a wall–

A wall, sort of–would be a bit breezy!

Today the Cowboy was out there shortly after 6am–drilling holes in concrete with his new hammer drill which works like a charm so he says!  I walked Emmi, then donned my gloves and went to work.  By lunch time we had another section of wall built and up.

Another wall section in place.

Let me say again, we are so glad we had the backhoe brought down from Montana–it is a back saver.  I know the Cowboy and I could not have lifted that section with the outer sheeting in place.

These little guys keep us startled and entertained–they appear so suddenly!

After lunch the Cowboy went to the transfer site then started attaching the 2×8 boards which will serve as the rafters.  He gave me a bucket of Henry’s Flex White Roof Coating and a paint roller–hmmmmm!  We don’t want to have the stucco people come before we are finished with all the buildings.  To protect the wood while we are still working on the houses, we are painting it with this Henry’s white roof coating stuff–and thank goodness, precision wasn’t an issue as everything will be covered with stucco at some point in time.  I managed to not wear too much of the stuff!By 5pm today, the Cowboy had the rafters attached to the wall we built this morning.

Walls and rafters.
He has the prettiest green tail!

It’s hard to believe that one year ago today we had gone to dinner with North Ranch friends leaving our phone at the house.  We came home to multiple text messages from Lonn, Katie and Michael (her husband).  Brooks Michael had been born almost three weeks early and we had a new great grandchild.  Happy Birthday sweet Brooks!


Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and outdoor

Where Were We:

Nine years ago April 15 was a boring day so I fast forwarded to April 20, 2008 when we took our granddaughter Laci and her friend Brittany to Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  It was a graduation from high school gift–we had a ball!  Those girls were the best–they treated us to dinner at this restaurant and we couldn’t have asked for better behaved teenagers.


14 thoughts on “We Are Moving Right Along

  1. It must be getting hot down there, and you are probably dreaming of cool mountain streams, but here at Dogpound North at least one of us is thinking we came home to soon. Hot it may be in Arizona but the last few days we have had cold and snow here, there must be somewhere in between to hide out for the month of April.


  2. I need to work with you guys. You are my kind of people. Getting it done! Love your work ethic!
    Will reply to your latest e-mail, hopefully tomorrow. We have a lot in common I have discovered.
    Stay hydrated.


    1. I came by it honestly Deb–my Dad’s hobby was “work.” We’ve been under the gun this time with the AZ summer heat approaching–some things must be done before we can go back to the cool summer of Montana.


  3. You need to go drive around in the desert some more to help reduce my guilt! You two are amazing – well, and the backhoe too of course. Love your long-tailed visitor. Brooks is getting so big. I love his birthday duds!!


    1. You can relax now Jodee, we took Easter Sunday off!! Went to breakfast at the church, then church service followed by a drive the long way via Bisbee to Sierra Vista for supplies.


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