No More Boondocking

DSCN4051We are on a roll now!!  What is boondocking–camping without hookups (electric, water and sewer) for your RV.  Boondocking more often refers to camping out in the middle of nowhere without those hookups.  Dry camping is used to describe camping without hookups in a more developed spot such as a Wal Mart parking lot.  Well–we are out in the middle of nowhere and until Thursday evening we had been partially boondocked. 🙂

The Cowboy had done some “cowboy” wiring from the house to a 30amp box so we had power.  In the beginning before the well was drilled we drove the motorhome to the local campground, dumped our tanks and filled with water about every 10 days.  After the well, we could fill the tank with water and we started watering the only living tree on our place with the gray water.  In case some of you readers are saying–EWWWWW–in Arizona it is legal to use the gray water from your home to water plants/trees.  You are required to have a separate septic system for the gray water.  We are very careful what goes in our gray tank and use only a organic tank treatment.  And judging by this photo, our pecan tree likes the water.DSCN4044

Thursday afternoon the Cowboy kicked into high gear and by happy hour time we were enjoying our full hookups!  DSCN4045I can now shower and leave the water running, I can wash dishes when I want, not just once a day and I’ve finally stopped listening for the RV water pump!  Much easier!


When dealing with a building project of this scope and size, it is easy to become discouraged.  Both of us were feeling a little overwhelmed this morning and over coffee came to the realization we moved here only six short weeks ago–we’ve accomplished a lot in those six weeks!  We have a new well, we’ve graveled a large portion of the space around the houses, the Cowboy has finished one side of the guest house roof and is probably about one half finished with the second side.  We’ve stripped wallpaper and installed drywall.  And hauled to the transfer site a tremendous amount of “stuff” left by previous owners.  So–progress is being made!

DSCN4046We made a trip to Benson this afternoon for plumbing supplies and groceries.  This area of Arizona is pecan and pistachio growing country plus vineyards seem to be springing up.  Along the highway  to the community of Dragoon there are several pecan groves–I love how neat and orderly the orchards are kept.  DSCN4055And the owner of this small grape growing operation stopped by the house today and introduced himself–he and his wife have lived in this area for 50+ years.


Extremely high winds are forecast for Saturday–may mean a road trip or perhaps drywall work???

18 thoughts on “No More Boondocking

  1. Makes me tired just reading about your projects. We have a few things going on here at DPN, but nothing like yours.


  2. You are moving right along Mike and Janna. Love reading your blog. Can’t believe how hard you are working. Hope the HOT weather holds off so you can keep making progress.

    T & S


    1. Yep, we aren’t working against the clock we are working against the weather. We hope to be able to stay down here until the first/middle of May. We hear you guys are taking off soon??


  3. It’s hard to be upbeat all the time. I remember the down feeling at times when we built our house 41 years ago. Glad my husband kept telling me not to look at the whole picture but only one project at a time. House is still standing 😉


  4. I was just telling T.C. the other day about how the “grey water” from the kitchen sink on the farm where I spent my childhood in rural Nova Scotia did a wonderful job of watering a huge rhubarb plant, as well as the rest of the garden. The “drain” was simply a pipe that ran outdoors.


    1. So many people used to do that–washing machines were purchased after houses were built–the gray water just ran into the yard. It’s very common practice in Mexico and sometimes there it’s not just the gray! 😦


  5. I believe you all and the Eveready Bunny could run a close race for doing projects!!! WHEW!! You do stay busy!


  6. How nice to have the rig all hooked up and enjoying those wonderful views. You guys have gotten so much done already – I say take a nice day trip to the Chiricuas during the wind. So beautiful up there.


  7. Water really is a luxury, isn’t it? And about grey water… on the farm we ran off the grey water and used the septic system only for the toilet. Why waste water that isn’t contaminated with human waste? Will you be going back to Montana for the summer? It was hard for us to leave our house in Mexico when so much more needs done and we won’t return until October. I think Bill writes every day on his “to do” list a new project to do when we get back.


    1. Well I’m glad we have company in this “supposed to be retired” group! The Cowboy has to have a project, I just wish maybe he hadn’t picked such a big one this time but all in time, we will finish eventually. We will go back to Montana first/middle of May depending on how hot it gets and yes, it will be hard to leave.


  8. Not having to boondock anymore is so appreciated after not having the luxury. Life certainly is good now:) You two have done an amazing amount of work in such a short time. But with this project, looking at the big picture could do you in…one small step:)


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