I Will Take Peace and Quiet

Long ago, before the Cowboy, I gave thought to living in the downtown area of a big city–maybe in a high rise condominium complex??  At this stage in my life, I will take peace, quiet and open spaces.  Boston is noisy–car horns honking, tires screeching, sirens wailing, people yelling–that’s not for me.  Don’t get me wrong–visiting big cities is fun–I love the restaurants and shopping but “visiting” is the key word–I wouldn’t want to live there.

The hotel was lovely, the restaurants outstanding and the company was good.  The convention was a convention and hard work–this photo was taken Sunday afternoon when the vendor floor opened to the nurses for the first time–mass chaos!

IMG_1155It was so good to roll into our little spot of peace and quiet last night.  Emmi and I took a long walk this morning and the Cowboy started work.

DSCN4033While I’ve been gone he’s worked on the water and electrical lines to the RV hookups and has worked on the roof.

DSCN4040DSCN4042Once again, thank goodness we have the backhoe!

Last week when we made a supply run to Sierra Vista and had lunch with our friends Jim and Linda, Emmi went along.  I knew dogs were welcome in Home Depot and we let her tag along for the first time–Emmi was right at home as if to say, “hey, where’s the dog toy aisle??”

IMG_1139DSCN4035At times we think our progress is mighty slow until a visitor comes along and we see our progress through their eyes–Brian, our well driller stopped by with his son Ty this afternoon to visit.  Brian is our local contact–if we have questions, he’s our go to guy.

It was such a beautiful, quiet, peaceful day today–life is good!

11 thoughts on “I Will Take Peace and Quiet

  1. Good to see you back home. How long do you plan on staying before going back to Montana? I suppose it will depend on the condition of the new house. How is the weather there now? Will your motorhome stay there or go back with you? Lots of questions 😉🤔


    1. We plan on staying until the temps become too warm–probably at least through April. Our weather is perfect right now–75 degrees. And the motorhome will go back to Montana with us as will the big white cargo trailer hauling the jeep. The red truck will stay in Arizona as will the backhoe.


      1. That was a quick reply 🙂 great weather hope it stays for awhile. I suppose somebody will keep an eye on your property after you leave.


  2. Your place is really taking shape! We too enjoy the quieter spaces away from the caustic city influences. It would not be a happy world for us if every little quiet space was filled with noise and rules.


  3. Oh yes. I can’t wait to get out of the city after a month of noise and frenetic energy. Looks like that roof is coming right along. I bet the neighborhood is loving seeing the place come together.


  4. I had to move back to my hometown of Guymon in 08 and have not enjoyed it. The town had really changed in the 20 years I was gone. Noise, Noise and more NOISE!! For a small town it is the pits for liveability. I’m gone as soon as I am no longer needed here. Have some dear friends here but they are leaving too.


    1. We are just spoiled–people tell us, “you will get used to the train, the highway, etc.” but when you live as we do–in the mountains of Montana or out here in Pearce, you don’t get used to noise.


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