Windy March

Today is the last day of March and I’m ready for this windy month to be over.  You would not believe the wind we’ve had–it started blowing in earnest Thursday afternoon, picked up speed during the evening and literally howled all night long.  This motorhome was rocking so hard I couldn’t sleep.  Morning brought little change, still howling and the wind continued to howl until about 4pm.  It’s still windy but after last night–this is just a breeze!  We can sit and watch the tumbleweeds tumbling across the fields–they hang up on anything in their path–particularly fencing.  But swings and motorhomes make good resting spots too.


The wind made it impossible to do any outside work so the Cowboy tackled drywall hanging with a little help from his sidekick–me!  Emmi supervised.

DSCN4025We just purchased this sheetrock hoist from–handy tool to say the least.  Without the hoist there might have been a lot of choice words spoken!  I took Emmi to the veterinarian over in Benson this afternoon–just to establish care and obtain a prescription med she takes.  By the time I returned the Cowboy had made great progress, even without his sidekick!


The Cowboy hasn’t finished our RV hookups–the sewer connection is ready but the power and water are not complete.  The water line and electrical line are just laying on top of the ground .  Well, the motorhome wasn’t waiting any longer–out tanks needed dumping and the only way to the sewer connection was over those water and electrical lines–thank goodness for the backhoe!  We say that almost daily–“thank goodness for the backhoe!”

DSCN4027The Cowboy dug a shallow trench, laid the lines in the trench and covered it back up with dirt–then we could drive the motorhome over the lines without damaging them.

DSCN4030Going up to check his roof–making sure the wind hadn’t destroyed his work!

DSCN4021Before the storm

I am off to Boston Saturday morning to attend AORN–the annual Association of Operating Room Nurses.  It will be my first time to attend as a vendor representative instead of an operating room nurse.  In the past as many as 15,000 nurses attend this conference.  United Airlines has emailed me offering to waive all change fees to change my ticket in order to avoid an approaching winter storm.  It takes forever to reach the east coast from Arizona or Montana so changing my ticket is not an option–I would arrive too late on Sunday for the scheduled events.  So–I am taking my chances with the storm–I think most of the snow will be over by the time I arrive late Sunday evening.

Blog will resume on Tuesday evening next week–stay tuned for all the progress the Cowboy will make in my absence!

10 thoughts on “Windy March

  1. We watch the tumbleweed filling a Kiva today at Pecos National Historic Site with the wind. At least it was warm out:) I love that sheetrock hoist! Wish we had had one 35 years ago when we sheetrocked our unfinished family room. Nifty gadget! Hope you make it east!!


    1. We just pushed all those tumbleweeds away from the swing back out into the wind so they could find somewhere else to land. Many of the mesquite trees are just covered with tumbleweeds, I wonder if it kills the trees??


  2. Drywall.. My least favorite part of homebuilding. The renovations are looking great. Y’all have done wonders in a short time. Hope you have safe travels…..jc


  3. Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference! I’m not a fan of the southwest spring winds either, even without the pesking tumbleweeds. Boston is just a little bit different than Pierce :-)))))


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