No More Wallpaper

Another dump run.

The guest house and main house have extensive water damage thus lots of damaged drywall. Tuesday we removed all the damaged drywall from the guest house–whew–what a job!!  And that’s what we are taking to the transfer site plus the regular weekly garbage.  We recycle plastics and cardboard which the transfer site also takes.  DSCN4015No more icky, moldy drywall!

I’ve been spraying weeds each morning–it’s been so incredibly windy–I have to get out there early before the wind picks up.  I want to get all the goat head weeds I can find before we leave for the summer!

Late this afternoon I finished removing ALL the wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom of the guest house.  I cannot rave enough about that steamer–I would still be removing wallpaper and cussing until the cows come home if not using the steamer!!!

DSCN4017DSCN4020Arizona is about as far removed from a beach than anywhere I know–I wouldn’t put a beach themed wallpaper in an Arizona home??  Wallpaper removal generates lots of mess!

The Cowboy was on the roof today–he finished covering the tops of the outside walls and then he was really industrious!  He painted the Henry’s Tropi-Cool Silicone Roof Coating onto the rolled roofing material–roofs in Arizona are finished way differently than in Montana!


Then this restoration project got really exciting!  When we owned our excavating business I was very capable of operating the backhoe and skidsteer.  I’m still very comfortable using the skidsteer but haven’t been inside the backhoe in many years.  Today the Cowboy was on the roof and painted himself to the unfinished other side of the roof–he hollered at me to bring the backhoe around to the other side and lift him off the roof.  He sure has a lot of trust in me!!  It was amazing how quickly I remembered how to operate all the levers and I didn’t dump him!

DSCN4010As you can tell from Emmi’s attire–it’s been a little cool around here in the evenings














10 thoughts on “No More Wallpaper

  1. I agree! Beach scenes aren’t meant for Arizona. You are really “stripping” up storm, Janna!! Michael moving right along on that roof. You both deserve to kick back a little. Love Emmi’s wrap:)


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