Plumbing Work Continues

DSC_4462The Cowboy continues his work on the RV sites–the sewer connections are in and he spent a lot of time leveling the ground today.  We don’t want Larry to come visit and complain about an un-level spot!

Whew–the Cowboy and I had placed bets as to how much we thought the cost of drilling the well would be–we were both close to the actual drilling cost but we hadn’t figured on the rest of the supplies costing as much as they did!  Brian stopped by yesterday afternoon bringing the bill.  When the Cowboy installs pumps for people in Montana, the pump usually costs about $200.  A pump for pumping water from 400 feet down cost $2300! The heavy duty wiring for said pump–$1100!  Let’s just say–drilling a well was expensive!  And we can certainly see why so many of these one acre parcels are vacant!

If you have wallpaper to remove, buy a steamer–a $49 tool from Amazon that made the process so much easier.  DSCN4004The paper and glue just lifted off with a little pressure from a plastic scraper–much less damage to the drywall!  Isn’t that wallpaper just gorgeous?? One of our readers said they gave up trying to remove the wallpaper in difficult to reach spots such as over the cabinets–they sanded the edges of the wallpaper, painted with Kilz and then regular paint.  She said it still looks good 14 years later.  Well–there is about an 8 inch space above the kitchen cabinets in the guest house–why do people do that–create a space for dust and dead critters to collect–I want my cabinets to go all the way to the ceiling!  I may do just as our reader suggested in that tight space although painting isn’t going to be easy either!

Photo on the left was done with the steamer, photo on the right was done with the vinegar water and a scraper.

.DSCN4005$49 and free shipping with Amazon Prime.

As you can imagine after being vacant for over 10 years this house is spider and bug infested.  There are tons of what we call “grand daddy long leg” spiders.  Well, tonight they all die–I used some of those bug bombs in the cans–we should have lots of spider carcasses tomorrow!

Life is good!



12 thoughts on “Plumbing Work Continues

  1. That turned out expensive water but without it, the whole experience would have been even more expensive. No water….no use.
    If I ever have to rid ourselves of our wallpaper (of 40 years) I shall remember a steamer. Hopefully the next owner will have to deal with that though.


  2. How about raising your cabinets the 8″ to the ceiling? Bye-bye dead critter collection spot and no need to contort your body to paint it!


    1. Well, Linda, I was all set to get the Cowboy started on that project except we have some lights which will keep us from raising the cabinets–the doors wouldn’t open but we could move those lights or get a different kind???


  3. Can’t believe you wanted to remove that lovely striped wallpaper?? I had some like that only pink! I’d take it out now too :-))) Expensive champagne tastes the best so enjoy that yummy water!


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