A Step Back

New position for the drilling rig can only mean one thing–we weren’t successful in cleaning the old well–we have to drill a new one$$$$$$$$$$!!  Brian (our well driller) tried his best to make the old well work but it was not to be.  So, Thursday Brian’s wife Diane completed an application for us and I headed to Bisbee to save time–the Cochise County offices are in Bisbee.  The county starts the permit and then sends it on to the state so my driving to Bisbee saved us about 3 days.

On the way back from Bisbee the county called–we had issues.  Why were we putting the well on a lot without the house?  HUH?? Do we have to put the well on the lot with the house??  Why were we putting the well on a lot we didn’t own–HUH????  We have three acres and the house sits on the middle acre, we have a deed to all three.  I called the Cowboy and he got on the phone with the county–by late afternoon we had a viable permit–geez!

The Cowboy continues to work on the guest house roof and it’s really shaping into a southwest looking house–

DSCN3942There used to be a large window in the end of the house–we may end up putting a window back in that spot.DSCN3945And, the roof itself–the Cowboy said all that figuring makes his head hurt!:)

We made a quick trip out to the little Pearce Friday market to obtain some of Otto’s salsa and some of these–bread and butter jalapeno pickles–they were delicious with cream cheese and crackers!


After the market Ms. Emmi received a haircut–she was a grubby little dog but when you are conserving water bathing the dog isn’t high on the priority list until I just couldn’t take it any longer.DSCN3937

Today I removed the old, nasty, icky, gross carpet from two of the bedrooms in the main house–totally disgusting!!!  No photographs–it was just too nasty!

And, I know this is a restoration blog but it’s also my blog and I want to share a precious photo with you all–our great grandson Brooks with his great, great grandfather Nat–the Cowboy’s Dad.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and baby

And while the well thing was very discouraging we’ve both gotten over the initial shock and are moving on.



14 thoughts on “A Step Back

  1. Sorry to hear your bad news about the well. Hope the new well goes in without a hitch and quickly:) The guest house is going to look so nice with the southwest style. That’s my favorite! I am wondering why you started on the guest house? Maybe I missed something in another post. I am assuming you will live there while you work on the main house!? Emmi looks good with her new haircut. Hope she is happy with her stylist!!! That photo of Nat and Brooks is beyond precious! So, so cute:)


    1. We started on the guest house as it is in much better shape than the main house–has a usable kitchen and bathroom (if we had water!) The main house has no kitchen and has way more damage from a leaking roof. Emmi is never happy with her stylist! :)))


  2. We found out when we built our house in ’92 that you have to have a contingency fund to cover the unknowns. Wells and electricity can drain $$$.You and Mike work quickly and efficiently. Hard to believe how much has been accomplished.


    1. Yes Bev, the unknowns will get you. At least this way we will have a known well–we have faith in our well driller, he and his father have drilled wells in this area forever and he knows where the water is to be found.


  3. Oh noooo, your heart must have been a few notches lower when you found all of that out. I can only imagine your distress.
    Hope everything goes smooth from now on and you’ll have ample water in the end. No more nasty laundromat. Emmi looks great.


    1. Yes Vera, we were distressed! At least this way we will have a known well. I’m afraid at least one more trip to that nasty laundromat is in my future–construction makes for dirty clothes!


  4. There is definitely some peace of mind in having your own, new, fresh well – after the financial shock subsides 🙂 That southwest style roofline is going to look wonderful with your sunsets behind it. Emmi looks spiffy in her new “do”! A great-great grandchild, what a wonderful and delightful thing.


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