What Is A Scupper

WOW–we are making progress–finally!!!  The well guy lives within sight of our house and his drilling rig has been there for a few days.  I was getting impatient and the Cowboy said, “if the drilling rig leaves to go somewhere else, then get impatient.”  Tuesday morning early we made a run to the dump with a huge truck load including a water heater I tried to sell with no luck! On our way back from the dump I said/yelled to the Cowboy, “the drilling rig is gone!!!!” but then my vision caught our house and this is what I saw–

DSCN3920YES!!!!–all is not perfect as of yet, Brian has run into a few problems but at least he is here!!

There is a sand and gravel place here in Pearce but they didn’t return our phone call so guess what, we went somewhere else–we called Willcox Rock and Sand–by Tuesday afternoon we had one dump truck load and today this huge truck dumped a bunch of gravel in our yard–

DSCN3922And the Cowboy has been hard at work in his backhoe/toy spreading all that lovely gravel over most of that nasty dust!

DSCN3925That poor lone tree is our only live one (we think it is alive) and while watering it I saw a couple of pecans on the ground–so, maybe it’s a pecan tree!!

So, do you know what a scupper is???

DSCN3928DSCN3927That galvanized steel thing is a scupper–it drains water from a flat/slightly sloped roof–the UPS man delivered a huge box of these scuppers last night at 7:30pm–I would say he had had a hard day!!

So, we are making progress–finally!  It’s a good feeling!

14 thoughts on “What Is A Scupper

  1. Loving your progress — as we say here in the South “That Cowboy is handier than a pocket on a shirt” He is doing a mighty fine job


  2. One summer in Jacksonville FL I hauled 4 or 5 dump truck loads of dirt from front driveway to fenced back yard and spread it out over grass that grows itself out of the dirt periodically. I had shovel and wheelbarrow. Husband was deployed, 2 kids in elementary school and one 9-month-old that took a couple naps every day. The naps is when I could do it. Wish I’d had that equipment, but then I would not have lost the baby weight. Cowboy would have been nice too…. (s/Terry)


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