We’ve Got Dust

Dust, dust and more dust.  The Cowboy began leveling the front yard around the motorhome–this involves scrapping away the top layer leaving bare dirt creating the dust, dust and more dust.  Each morning the winds are perfectly calm but about noon the wind will start to gust and create dust devils.  Whirling, dipping and swirling they go, picking up all kinds of debris and dust depositing a large amount of this in the motorhome through the open windows and door.  I’ve vacuumed three times in two days–tomorrow before noon I am closing all the doors and    windows and running the air conditioner!  We are also having two huge loads of gravel delivered tomorrow!

Dirt which becomes dust!

As I’ve said in previous blogs, we are experiencing warmer than normal temperatures forcing the Cowboy off the roof by about noon.  I came home from New Orleans with another stinking cold so yesterday after lunch we both took a little nap which gave us a spurt of afternoon energy.  We decided to do some demolition inside out of the sun. This is the guest house kitchen–nice sized kitchen until someone put a cupboard and eating island in the middle of the floor.

Post demolition–much better!!  As you can see, someone started either building or remodeling this kitchen.  The cabinets are odd–there are two sinks–one beside the refrigerator and another to the left of the photo.  The cabinets are great quality and we are thinking perhaps they came from a kitchen showroom???  The appliances were here when we purchased the house which says something for the neighborhood–this property was owned by a limited liability foreclosure company and the house was not locked–anyone could just walk in at any time.  Of course the stick on floor tile is leaving as is the pretty light blue stripped wallpaper.  My friend Kelly is a wallpaper expert and I texted her today to ask for her easy wallpaper removal method.  Imagine my surprise when she said vinegar and water–spray the wallpaper then scrape–dang, that’s not easy!!!

Roof work is progressing–I can sort of envision how the finished product will look!

Today was laundromat day again–there have been single men doing laundry almost every time I’ve gone.  Today an elderly man walking with a cane came in after me followed by a guy about my age.  The “my age” guy liked to hear himself talk.  I went out to the truck for something, came back into the laundromat, sat in a chair and the “my age” guy looked straight at me and began yelling–“if you “F**** think Bill and Hillary Clinton……., then I F****……………..”  I just stared at him, got up, went to the truck, made sure my gun was where I thought it was, grabbed my phone and dialed 911, ready to hit the send button.  I don’t know if the older man said something which caused this other idiot to act out or what–when I went back inside with phone in hand, it was as if nothing had happened.  This idiot wanted to talk to me and the older man–after some terse, one syllable answers  from me he finally gave up and watched his clothes spin in the dryer.  Good grief–at no time was I afraid–he was too stupid to be afraid of–I felt sorry for the elderly man, he was nervous and didn’t even dry his clothes, just left.

And the full moon rising over the Chiricahua Mountains last night.  Life is good!

21 thoughts on “We’ve Got Dust

  1. Wow that kitchen sure looks better than it did a couple weeks ago when we walked through it with you. Good work, keep on truckin. Hope it doesn’t rain before you get your gravel down or Mikes going to have to get that tractor and scoop right inside the motorhome to get all the mud out……


  2. That was a very strange cupboard/table thingy in the center of the kitchen. Looks so much better without it:) Your a brave lady. I probably would have run away and left my clothes!


  3. Wallpaper Removal….go to Home Depot and purchase a removal gadget that is round, the bottom part has “teeth” that as you circle this on the wallpaper it perforated it and THEN spray your solution on it. Think I bought mine at Lowes and it discovered it thorough a painter friend.


  4. As you read my comment please understand between not having a full Dr Pepper yet and my bifocals these finigers do not work well.😀


  5. That’s what I remember about southern AZ…dust and a few nutcases. You have the right idea, though. Ready is always best.


  6. Sounds like the Congress Laundromat! Jim started going with me after I mentioned some weird “miners” to him. I like your Southern Belle, Have Gun-Will Shoot demeanor 🙂 Wear a mask if it is dusty. My illness started with Valley Fever. We look forward to your posts!


  7. Am loving your “new” blog and am learning a lot about your life in the dessert ! I’ve always used fabric softener and water and PRAYED that 1] the wall was “sized” and 2] that the wall was plaster, not drywall ! Good luck,we look forward to the results!


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