The Backhoe Has Arrived

The Cowboy’s son Lonn met the trucking guy at our house in Montana and helped him load the backhoe on Wednesday.  The trucker, Albert, was driving a new Dodge pickup pulling a very long trailer.  Albert made a mistake when he left our Montana place–he depended on his GPS for routing.  The GPS routed him over Swingley Road to Livingston–big mistake especially in winter.  Swingley Road is a dirt/rock/gravel winding mountainous road, treacherous in summer much less winter!  It was dark and cold when Albert found a hill he couldn’t climb–too snow packed and icy to climb with so heavy a load–so he pulled off to the side of the road and waited for morning.  The story gets even better–Albert said Montana was a strange place, a woman stopped in the dark to ask him if he was OK and gave him cookies!

Albert is telling the Cowboy this story on the phone Friday as he is traveling south with the backhoe and the Cowboy said, “I heard you were stuck by the side of the road.”  Albert wants to know how in the world we all ready knew he had had problems–our granddaughter Katie goes to work via that same road and saw the rig sitting there–she even took photos and Lonn sent them to us!  Small world!

But Albert was resourceful–when it was daylight he unloaded the backhoe, drove it to the top of the hill, walked back down and retrieved the truck and trailer then loaded the backhoe again.  Albert said he wasn’t trusting any GPS routing in Montana again!

The Cowboy is happy to have one of his toys–he graded some of the yard, took down a small tree and a very large, tall pole.

I’ve been gone–to a meeting in New Orleans–the Cowboy has been up on the roof.  The temps are unseasonably warm and he can only work on the roof until about noon but he’s making progress!

This house and guest house have traditional pitched roofs–the Cowboy is creating a Sante Fe/southwest style roof around the pitched roofs.  No need to worry about snow load in Arizona!

Tonight we attended a fund raising dinner at the Sunsites Community Center–we sat with some really nice folks and enjoyed our evening–the Pearce community is growing on us!

14 thoughts on “The Backhoe Has Arrived

  1. I’m gonna have to buddy up strong with a neighbor what owns a backhoe! 😛

    Makin’ that ‘Sante Fe’ is just right…


  2. When I attended the Elfrida Camera Club years ago there was a nice couple who came down from Sunsites. Her name was Janine I think and I can’t remember his name. Sunsites is small enough you may meet them because I think they might be community minded. With that hot weather upon you Mike can dig in a swimming pool now eh:))


    1. OHHH–good idea Al–I hadn’t thought of a swimming pool! :))))) There is a camera club here at Sunsites, when the dust settles I intend to go, maybe she is involved with this one too!


  3. As the old saying goes, “The difference between men and boys is the price and size of their toys!!”
    Looks like a dandy backhoe. Very handy to have.


  4. I am SO enjoying reading about your progress. Glad the backhoe made it over the mountains in one piece. The driver had to think outside the box, and got the job done! Good for him. 🙂


  5. We are really enjoying reading about your new digs and new adventure. Will love to see it come along step by step. Won’t be long and you will be adding a quilting room complete with machines and a long arm and a cutting table and and and


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