Used Car Salesmen and Scammers

In Sunday’s blog I alluded to the fact I was hoping not to be digging with a shovel for very long.  The Cowboy has been searching for some type of digging equipment–backhoe, mini-excavator or skidsteer.  The Tucson Craigslist has an amazing number of scammers–photos with too good to be true prices, no location cities or phone numbers.  When you send an email inquiry through Craigslist asking only where the item is located you get a message, “send me your email address for photos and information.”  Not happening in this lifetime dirt bag!!!  We gave up, equipment seems to be in short supply in southeast Arizona.

We have a backhoe in Montana, one that is seldom used now that the Cowboy isn’t doing excavating work for customers–how do we get that backhoe to Arizona??  We contact a used car salesman!!  At least that’s what it seems as if we are doing!  Geez!!  The Cowboy completed a form on and the flood gates opened.  That’s when the used car salesmanship started–“we can haul, fill out this request, give us your money”–and the list goes on!

And for a little background–when the Cowboy was working for our friend Rollie on the oil rig in Texas we purchased a car.  When we were ready to return to Montana the jeep came with us and we contracted with a transport company to haul the car to Montana.  The broker told us–“we have a truck, it may be a few weeks, pay me.”  We paid and they never hauled!  If you have read this blog for long, you are aware that kind of behavior from anyone isn’t going to work with me.  After many weeks of phone calls back and forth I did receive a refund, flew to Texas and drove the car back to Montana myself.  So, we aren’t really fans of trucking brokers.

We think the backhoe is going to be picked up in Montana on Thursday to be delivered here over the weekend.  The good part–they don’t have our money and aren’t getting our money until that backhoe is actually on a truck!!

Please may the well guy come soon, I’ve been to this grubby laundromat twice now!

11 thoughts on “Used Car Salesmen and Scammers

  1. It can only get better! I wonder now, how we lived in a motorhome for 13.5 years and dealt with a variety of laundromats. Rah, Rah Janna!!


  2. We came across a lot of those type of laundromats. Quite often the machines did not work either. Yuck. Hope your well guy gets there soon to put you out of your misery 🙄


  3. The best part of having laundry equipment at home is that your clothes don’t end up smelling like cigarette smoke! The place where you have to wash clothes is truly a gross laundromat! I hope you will have your own water soon.


  4. This saga of the restoration is truly so good to
    follow. It’s amazing of the many detours and snags that
    hinder progress. But I have no doubt you and
    the cowboy will triumph !!!
    Just get rid of those rats ……. Lol


  5. Some travelers swear by laundromats, others swear at them. I have felt it necessary to run empty bleach loads in laundromat machines before I dared put my clothes in them. And, that was after I had fished out animal hair and you name it in the places I could see. Don’t want to imagine what was in the places I could not see. I had a wash/dry machine in the DP we used to have before the Norcold set fire to the RV. It did small loads only, took a while to wash and dry, but I had nothing but time. And I knew my clothes were clean. I can relate.


  6. We have a backhoe like that! My husband keeps it for those various projects too, now that he is retired. Can’t imagine hauling that thing across the country, just getting it across Arkansas is enough for me! Good luck with the restoration.


    1. Thanks for the good luck message Ava. The price of a new to us backhoe in southeast AZ–$20,000+, the cost to haul our little used one from Montana, $2300!! We still have a skid steer and mini-excavator in Montana so we won’t be without equipment!


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