Shed Progress

The  Cowboy usually wears a straw hat in warm weather–not today–the wind would have blown that hat all the way back to Congress.  Wow–did we ever have some gusts!  Makes for handling 4′ x 8′ pieces of siding a little iffy!!  The wind did provide one advantage–it ripped off all the tar paper from the roof where we had removed the shingles.

Remember the shed-dscn3820

When we purchased this place the door to the shed was blown off its hinges and laying on the ground.  The roof leaks, the pack rats had moved it–total UGH factor!

dscn3864Progress is being made!

dscn3866By the end of our working day the Cowboy had built one half of the door and hung it.  The John Deere lawn tractor wouldn’t fit in the shed side way–it’s too long–thus the reason for moving the door to one of the ends. In Montana we have all these handy/dandy machines–backhoe, skidsteer, mini excavator.  Here in Arizona I am the machine on the end of the shovel–I hauled rocks and dirt to make the entrance to the shed a touch more level.  Sure hope this machine situation changes soon for the sake of my poor back!

The Cowboy is working on this shed as he doesn’t think it too smart to tear the plywood from the guest house roof when the supplies to replace that roof aren’t sitting right here. Hopefully Home Depot is delivering those supplies early this next week!

The Cowboy wasn’t happy with the bolts he had for the door and it was after all Sunday afternoon–time for a drive!  Another one of life’s pleasures!

Dragoon Mountains from the Tombstone side.

And another one of life’s little pleasures–a gorgeous sunset over the Dragoon Mountains.



16 thoughts on “Shed Progress

  1. Beautiful pictures. Too bad about the wind but not worse than the snowfall here with more of that white stuff tomorrow. Be careful with your health.


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