Demolition and Supplies

The Cowboy makes runs to the dump–at $7 per pickup bed load, it’s much less expensive to take the materials than to rent a large dumpster.  Here is the math–a 30 yard dumpster would cost us $450/month, the company would empty the dumpster twice per month and we would pay the tonnage at the dump–end cost, probably approximately $700 per month.  The local trash transfer site is open three days per week. If we take a pickup bed load (and the bed of the truck can be piled high) on the twelve days per month the dump is open we are spending $84 per month–we think it’s worth it to load and unload the truck!

Thursday I went to chair yoga (a new but enjoyable experience for me) and the Cowboy started pulling shingles from one side of the guest house roof.


I’m not a roof person–even though this roof is not steep.  There is just something I don’t like about taking that last step from ladder to roof.  The Cowboy was there to hold the ladder and my hand making it a little easier. This section of the roof has water damage and as we were going along pulling shingles and nails, my foot went through one of the sheets of plywood–sure was awfully glad I was sitting down at the time!!!  As we pulled the shingles we threw them into the truck bed–next dump load being created!

After lunch Thursday the Cowboy decided the time was as good as any to make our credit card groan and we were off to Sierra Vista and Home Depot.  And my goodness, did our credit card ever groan–our load was so large Home Depot is delivering the stuff sometime next week!  We had the good fortune to meet two very knowledgeable and cheerful young men in the Home Depot Pro Contractor department–seems if you are spending enough to make your credit card groan you can purchase through the Contractor department and receive discounts for volume purchasing.  These guys helped us so much and today Luis called to say we had ordered WAY too much roof coating to the tune of we were getting a $2400 credit–our credit card was happy as are we!

Two shadows, one long, one short on our morning walk.
Two shadows, one long, one short on our morning walk.

Today the Cowboy fixed the two goat head caused flat tires on the mower.  This tractor mower came with a huge vacuum system and running it over the areas surrounding the house seems to have significantly decreased the goat head population–a very good thing!

My chores for the day–motorhome is clean as is the jeep and truck.  The UPS man-Paul-managed to find us for the first time.  I’m not so sure he was happy to hear what Amazon fans we are!

It's important to enjoy the small things in life--a gorgeous sunset over the Dragoons.
It’s important to enjoy the small things in life–a gorgeous sunset over the Dragoons.
And another small thing--watching Emmi fight with a yucca stick about 8 feet long.
And another small thing–watching Emmi fight with a yucca stick about 8 feet long.  Life is dang good!

23 thoughts on “Demolition and Supplies

  1. Now if you just had a horse or two and another one of those yucca stems, you could take up jousting when you want to get away from renovating. I’m with you on the roof thing, I am pretty much useless up there, I figure if the Good Lord had wanted me farther off the ground he would have given me longer legs.

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    1. I have a total fear of heights and if that roof was any steeper the Cowboy would be up there by himself! As a young person in my 20’s I climbed some scaffolding to help my father paint the gable end of their home–going up was great but I froze and could not make myself take the first step to come down–my brother had to come help me!


      1. I’m with you, Janna. And those goatheads are the WORST. With all the rain we’ve had here, we scour the whole area on the lookout for ’em. Nasty things.

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  2. There was a time when I was a roof whizz but that was a long time ago. Now I stay on the ground. Will you stay in the guest house when that is done and do the main house after? Any plans for your return to Montana?


  3. Sure sounds like you made the right decision with your trash removal process!! Good luck with the renovations:) That sure is gorgeous sunset. You have a great location!


  4. I well understand the ladder to roof and roof to ladder problem. I don’t have a fear of heights but I do have a fear of shaky ladders leaned against buildings. No problem going up the ladder on the rig for the simple fact the ladder is solidly attached and securely extends above the roof line to hang onto coming or going. Nice to have a constructive project going on to keep you busy eh:))


  5. You guys are making progress. But I’m afraid Cowboy would be doing the roof alone, if it were me. I can’t do heights any more.


  6. I have always said if the Good Lord in Heaven wanted me higher than the third rung of the ladder He will come get me. I love your new project and looked forward to seeing your progress.


  7. Jeez Janna -talk about grabbing life with both hands-you two amaze me! When a lot of us are winding down-up you go!! Be safe. Lynne. Love following your progress ( from afar!)


  8. Such fun to start (and complete!) a project like this! And in such a beautiful spot 🙂 Thanks for the blog! I’m loving the updates. God bless!


  9. Glad you’re on to a new chapter in your life !! So very happy for you ! And, thank God you’re still blogging !!


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